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What is FOMAS?

Friends of Math and Science (FOMAS)  is a booster organization formed to support the North Springs Charter High School Math and Science Magnet program to benefit its students through parent and community support in the form of volunteerism, finances and collaboration.

Math/Science Mission Statement

The faculty and administration of North Springs High School are dedicated to helping our magnet students to develop their critical and
analytical thinking skills; to encourage and nurture them through the teaching and learning environment; and to develop students as practitioners of mathematics and science. The goal of our mission is to increase career awareness in the areas of mathematics and science and to prepare students to be productive global citizens in a world increasingly affected by the technological advances derived from applied sciences. We will accomplish our mission by exposing students to cutting edge philosophies, practices and techniques, and incorporating real-world experiences into the curriculum. Throughout this process, we are committed to instilling in our students the
importance of hard work, integrity, personal responsibility and respect for self and others.   

Math/Science Academy

Students who like to work with numbers, problem solve from a mathematical point of view, learn about science, conduct experiments, engage in scientific research and/or do mathematical modeling will find the Math & Science Academy offers many opportunities to be engaged in the field of math and science from a general interest to a magnet program focus. Students can participate in Science Fair, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, Math Team, and Robotics Club among the many clubs and honor societies offered, and participate in many local, regional and global competitions. Degrees may be earned at the Academy level, the Advanced level and at the highest level, the Magnet Seal may be awarded.    
Math/Science Magnet Goals

  • To incorporate real world experiences into the curriculum 
  • To expose students to cutting-edge philosophies, practices and techniques
  • To increase career awareness 
  • To help students develop their critical, analytical and creative thinking skills
  • To encourage and nurture, through the teaching and learning environment, the development of students as practitioners of visual & performing arts and mathematics, science & technology