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Mentorship and Magnet Internship

Teacher:  Varda Cheskis Sauer –

WELCOME!! It is a privilege to participate in the Magnet Internship and Mentorship programs. You will be representing NSCHS in our community, learning skills utilized in the workplace and sharing your expertise while making a difference for others. Each Mentorship and Magnet Internship student is expected to complete the entire assignment, report each day on time and perform tasks with professionalism.   Ms. Sauer will be happy to consult with you, at any time, regarding the variety of opportunities available to you.  We will have a conference in order to choose carefully so that this experience will be beneficial for both you and the receiving placement site. Placements are made based on availability, skill set and interest.  My hope is that this will be a very rewarding experience for everyone involved in each placement! I will try to accommodate your requests taking all circumstances into consideration. Please come with an open mind!

In some cases, it might be possible to receive magnet credit for your Mentorship placement.  Students seeking magnet credit will be required to do additional assignments, and must be placed appropriately according to their magnet status.  Magnet students, who are placed appropriately off-campus, may be switched into Magnet Internship, with special permission from Ms. Sauer.  Typically this is done at the beginning of the school year.

Elementary and Middle Schools - you may intern at various schools – both private and public - within our community. You will be assigned to work with students in small groups or one-on-one assisting with academic assignments, homework or special projects. If you have a special interest such as art, music, math, science, computers, drama, etc. - please let Ms. Sauer know during your placement conference. Transportation required. {This can often be done first period in the morning or combining your lunch period.)

Recycling - This is a very independent project. You will coordinate recycling efforts here at NSCHS, including distributing containers and establishing a pick-up schedule. You will publicize the Recycling program; you will collect from your territories and then take the recycled materials to the recycling bin on our property. The project currently includes paper and newspapers. and able to work independently. This project lends itself to two students working together.

Teaching Assistant / Lab Assistant - Students may be assigned to work within a classroom here at NSCHS. In some placements, you must have knowledge in the subject area, and in other circumstances, you may be able to assist in a classroom even if you don’t have content knowledge. You will assist the students and the teacher in many different ways. Mentors must work well with other students one-on-one or in small groups. This placement works best for students who are self-motivated and self-starter as the teachers are busy teaching….and they need you to “jump in” and help! are needed in virtually every subject area to assist students who are in need of extra help. Very rewarding!!

Northside Hospital - Selected students will have an amazing opportunity in a highly structured program. You will systematically rotate through shadowing different departments as well as working as a volunteer in a specific area within the hospital. Students must have a strong interest in medicine or a related field. These placements require 7th period Mentorship. You will be required to have two TB tests at Northside Hospital prior your Orientation. These few positions are extremely competitive. Students must have “almost perfect” attendance, no discipline record at all, great grades, as well as their own transportation. You have to be available until 6:00 pm on selected days. If you participate in daily after-school athletics or rehearsals, it is not possible to combine the two. Applications and essays must be submitted after an initial interview with Ms. Sauer, prior to the selection being made.  Northside Hospital interns are chosen the prior Spring for the following year.  Inquire early, if interested!!

Chattahoochee Nature Center - Students work with the wildlife rescue department at the Nature Center. They assist in the care and feeding of the animals including cleaning cages. This internship is very comprehensive and involves more than “just liking animals”. Student must provide proof of recent TB test. Transportation is a must. Student must have Mentorship 7th period, two periods double-blocked or able to combine with lunch period.

Community Assistance Center - center serves less fortunate people in our local 4-zipcode area. Special assistance is needed in setting up databases, and helping in all areas of the CAC. Much of what is needed involves working on the computer. It is helpful if you are bilingual…but not mandatory at all. Students enjoy this tremendously! Close enough to be done by combining with your lunch period. Transportation is a must.  Student must have Mentorship 7th period, two periods double-blocked or able to combine with lunch period.

Veterinarian - I have a possible opportunity for interning with a veterinarian for a student who has a particular interest in possibly going to Vet School.  Must have own transportation.
Individualized Assignments - Students who are willing to be extra-resourceful may apply to be assigned to special placements. Special arrangements will be made between NSCHS and the contact person in charge of the placement. Students may not intern for parents or relatives. Students may not be paid under any circumstances. Students must complete the Mentorship/Magnet Internship Proposal Form, which includes the following: Name of agency, contact person at the agency who will be serving as supervisor, address of agency where student will be reporting, phone and e-mail for the supervisor, a brief description of the agency’s mission and a detailed narrative or outline of the specific tasks/projects to be done as a part of the placement. This proposal form must be signed by the student and the supervisor.

Previous years’ approved placements: Research at GA Tech, Research at GA State, a Sandy Springs boutique for a marketing internship, IT company - building computers, an attorney’s office, an architecture firm, a children’s cooking-class company, community theaters, dance companies, dental office, Sandy Springs Chamber of Commerce, and more. These placements are often approved on an individual basis and might or might not be available to new students in the future. Always see me if you plan to research a special placement or if you have your own personal connections for an amazing internship! Any proposal is pending complete approval by Ms. Sauer – taking every aspect of the specialized placement into consideration.